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About Me

I am an undergraduate at The Ohio State University studying Computer Science & Engineering. I love cutting edge technology, especially when used it's for Automation, Startups, and Data Analytics.

Some other hobbies of mine include competing on the OSU Club Wrestling Team, coordinating events for the Big Data Analytical Association, and whatever I'm currently working on. I'm always looking for cool stuff to work on so please reach out if you're making of learning something interesting.

What This Site Is

One big issue I have is that I tend to find a lot of great resources for learning a topic, but lose the, due to disorganization. To combat this pesky issue, I created this site as sort of a second brain to store things of interest. This site contains everything from my class notes to vim guides. If you would like anything added, feel free to send me an email.

Note: This site is no longer being updated

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